Today, my youngest, Liam, is getting baptized.  I am in awe of his desire at such a young age to profess his faith in Jesus for everyone to see.  I remember when he asked Jesus into his heart.  He was probably five.  I love his innocence.  Then one day he was mad.  I can’t remember why, but we told him that Jesus was in his heart and whenever he lied or did something he shouldn’t it made Jesus sad.  Well, without skipping a beat, he told us that he didn’t want Jesus in his heart anymore….I guess guilt had set in.  This makes me laugh.

Don’t we all do that at times? We don’t want to live with the guilt of sin, so let’s pretend like Jesus isn’t there.  Well, Jesus died for us not to condemn us but to set us free.  So Liam is free to live without guilt and shame.  I may sin, but He is there ready to forgive.

Now that Liam is 9, he sees how much Jesus loves him and wants everyone to know.  Out of obedience he is sharing his faith by being baptized.  And the best part is his dad will be the one to baptize him.  It warms my heart knowing the men in my life love the Lord.  What a precious gift!  Today we will celebrate and hope you will celebrate with us!


Friends…near and far

Friends are what make your life richer. There are two women in my life that I feel priviledged to call friends. I am a better person for knowing them and feel so blessed!

We were lucky this past October. We got to spend the day shopping together in Carmel-by-the-sea. The weather was perfect…slightly cool and sunny in spite of the fog that oftens fills the air. We were so busy wandering the streets filled with shops that we missed lunch completely.  Answering the growls of our stomachs, we found a small coffee shop on Ocean Avenue to continue our conversation. It felt so natural to share what was on our hearts…our hurts, our joys, even our trivial thoughts. Isn’t it interesting that all it takes for women to open up and share their hearts with each other is a warm cup of coffee and a pastry?

This is where where I vowed to myself and God to pray for them.

Although we do not always have time to sit down for a cup of coffee because of the miles between us and the busyness of life, I know that I can call them and pick up where we left off. These friends have reminded me to be true to myself, encouraging me to fertilize my dreams…one by sending me a journal to write to my heart’s content and the other by her phone calls to check up on me and offering to pray for me. My life would not be the same without them.

As women, we need companionship and someone to go to without judgement. “As iron sharpens iron, so one woman sharpens another.”  If you are without a friend, pray for God to send you one.  If you find yourself with one or two good friends, count yourself blessed and take the time to let them know how thankful you are for them.

Thank you ladies for all the joy you have brought into my life. I appreciate you both!

Getting older

I never thought I would be saying this, but lately I have noticed, with much disappointment, that I now have gray hair.  Thankfully it is not evident to the untrained eye because I have blond hair. Whew!  But nonetheless, it is there, and not just a strand or two, but a whole shock of it right in front!  It reminds me of Madeline Kahn as Elizabeth in Young Frankenstein.  Has my life really been that stressful lately that a shock of gray hair is just magically appeared or has it been slowly emerging because of age?  Oh well….I guess I must embrace it or cover it up with color.  The joy of being a woman and enduring the never-ending cycle of highlighting your hair.

When I was younger I didn’t even think about aging, much less the next day.  But as I near the 40 year mark of my life, I find myself thinking more and more about getting older.  From gray hair to my aching joints, it is becoming painfully clear that the inevitable is happening!  I thought that forty was the new thirty?  If that is case, I think I’d rather have back my twenties.  At least my body was in great shape! 

Since I can’t get back my twenties, I might as well work with what I’ve got!  I have to stop putting off going to the gym or at least our Wii fit!  I have to admit I’m not getting any younger and if I don’t take the time for exercise today, I know I will have to take time for illness later…so who’s with me?  Are you ready to make 2010 the year for getting healthy?  I am and I would start today but I’m a self-professed procrasinator! HA!

Winding down…

As the end of the evening nears, I am reminded of the joy my children bring me.  Sometimes the best times are when we are just hanging out together just watching a movie.  And in spite of the constant annoying and arguing they tend to dish out, I know they love each other. 

I especially love it when my oldest daughter, who is 17 and my son, who is 9 can play together.  Even though there is an 8 year difference, they can still find fun things to do together.  Tonight they are playing the wii.  The laughter is so uplifting!  As I’m sitting in the dark at my desk in the other room listening to him tease her for kissing a boy, “how can you do that? It’s so gross!”, I have to chuckle to myself.  Is it to soon for him to tease her since it just happened tonight? No way!  Of course, she is protesting that one day he will want to kiss a girl, but for now he doesn’t believe her and I’m okay with that. lol  She is good-natured enough to laugh at herself.

I hope they will always be able to talk and hangout.  Family relationships, though we don’t pick them, they are the ones we know love us in spite of ourselves.  They are the ones who challenge us to become better people…just as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  May they always take time for each other.  May no bitter root ever come between them and may they always be filled with kindness and gratitude for one another.

Until tomorrow….

Moving forward

At the beginning of November I made a huge decision.  I  left a company I thought I would be a part of for the rest of my life.  I loved what I did, but to be honest, I hadn’t been happy in over a year.  God had been gently nudging me in a different direction, but I had no idea where it would take me.  In fact, up until October, I really didn’t even know He was nudging me. 

It takes a village, right?  Well, it took a good friend of mine to open my eyes to something new.  And in the midst of it all, God used another friend of mine to remind me of what He had been saying all along.  He kept saying to me, “Forget about what’s happened.  Don’t keep going over old history.  Be alert! Be present! I”m about to do something brand new.  It’s bursting out, don’t you see it?”  It was like a light bulb had exploded in my mind!  There it was right there in front of me.  I knew God wanted to do something new in my life.  Everything He had accomplished in my life up until now had been extraordinary, but He didn’t want me to cling to it anymore. 

I love His gentle reminders!  He was ready to move and He wanted to know if I was ready to move with Him and cling only to Him.  And now, in spite of my fear, I’m ready.  He is my only source!  Nothing can take the place of Him.  I refuse to let go of the hem of His robe…who are you clinging to?


Okay, so I’ll admit I’ve never been much for reading other people’s blogs, so why am I writing one? Great question! Maybe I’m ready to jump in with both feet to let people know I’m a writer and I actually have something to say.

But if I haven’t cared about what they are writing, why should they care about mine? Really, it’s not that important whether people read this or not. It’s for me. It’s the first step into the cold, dark water. Will I walk on the water or sink? I won’t know until I just do it. So here I am, just doing it!

Inspired to be inspired…

Have you ever had a dream to do something but never imagined it would happen, much less on a blog? 

I have always wanted to write, but life set in and I limited myself to daily journaling and nothing more.  It wasn’t until I realized that I was actually battling depression that I picked up my pen to write. Mind you, I have always been a positive person, but I was letting the circumstances of my life get the best of me.  I had allowed my creative thoughts to remain dormant for some time and it was as if I was slowly awakening from a deep sleep, although I still seem a bit groggy. 

Eventually and as I feel more comfortable, I will start posting excerpts from a novel I have begun.  I hope you will feel all the emotions I felt in writing it.

Comments? Please be kind.  We writer’s are always subject to our own ridicule and to have more from others would only be pouring salt into an open wound.  But if you find that you want to be inspired too, then please, post a message.  Maybe we can inspire each other to be better writers.

A day in the life of an inspired writer…