The Challenge has begun!

It’s hard to believe it’s already September 1, 2016. Where has the time gone? Time is flying by and I’ve realized I need to be diligent and purposeful with my time…especially my downtime. And since our tv in the family room is broken, it’s forced me to do other things rather than watch tv. Y’all have to know if I start watching tv, it’s hard to stop. So many days, it’s just better for me not to even turn it on. And honestly, how is it better watching someone else live their life than actually living your own?

Now that it’s September, I’m excited to begin a new project, granted I was so filled with ideas on Monday that I secretly started and painted the first 6! Really there are no rules to when you paint as long as you paint 30 paintings in the next 30 days. The whole point is to practice, or like many artists like to call it “doing it for the process”. I like to chose a theme so it’s easier to keep things going. Sadly, in the past I haven’t always been able to finish, but in the end, I love the paintings I’ve created over the 30 days.

This time I’m stepping outside my box. My comfort zone is typically florals…but this year I’ve been working on abstracts, some more so than others. It’s been a great way to challenge myself and let go of my perfectionism. Maybe you’ve seen some of my abstract boats on my Facebook page – Wendy mitchell – artist. If you haven’t, please go check them out. They’re fun! And now, I’m going back to one of my first loves in art…portraits. Most of the portraits I have done have been in pencil, pastel or charcoal…one day I’ll dig those out of my high school art portfolio and show you. 😀 In the last 6 years, I put portraiture aside to pursue other things, and now the excitement is just bubbling over, because this time I’m painting them. And even better, they will be abstract…or as much as my perfectionist self will let them be! 

So here’s my first abstract portrait. This one is called “Gigi 1.0”. The original picture I modeled it after is of her (our daughter) laughing. I LOVE when she laughs. Her laughter lights up a room.  I hope you enjoy this series as much as I have had painting it! Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s painting of Liam.


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