Seeking God’s best for your life

When you find it, you’ll feel like you are exactly where He wants you to be…your sweet spot….your eyes will light up every time you talk about the very thing He created you to do.

Are your eyes bright with His light?

How in the world will you go from the dull ache of wasting your talents to exploding with joy because you’re following His plan and sharing His purpose for you with others?

A great place to start is on our knees…seeking Him…seeking His next move…His very next step so you’ll end up right where He wants you on purpose.

In this season I’m in, I’m asking Him what He’s preparing me for. I was reading the book “Chazown”, and I felt like the words were written just for me for this very moment….pg 188…”teaching me to submit to authority”, (but using my creativity to go about it in my own way);

“teaching me to handle rejection”, (because some will not understand the joy He will offer them in the devotional He wants me to write);

“teaching me relational skills”, (because I need to know how to communicate with women…reaching them in their deep places of hurt and pain and helping them find His joy);

“showing me how to reach out to some who, at first, weren’t interested in what You/I have to offer”, (because I need to learn persistence in the pursuit of making Your precious disciples.

God, you’ve called me to touch women’s lives everywhere I go…maybe all around the world. I am not sure how, BUT, I won’t limit You! Thank you for preparing me. I pray you will open my eyes to what I need to see so you can use me. Guard me against discouragement, for even in the midst of my work life, I can see you are preparing me. I’m ready to trust you in the midst of this life I’m living….ready to seek your heart…letting go of the worry that I’m not around enough for my kids….maybe you’re preparing them too. Guide me to make the most of the time I have with them so they can be a light for you too.

I’m broken for you and ready to be spilled out so your love can cover those around me, filling their empty, broken places too. Continue to give me an excitement for each day, knowing that you will place others in my path who need you and need to feel your love.

I can be a conduit sharing God’s love with others or a vacuum that stores that love all for myself. Today I choose to let Him fill me up so I can let that love spill out onto others.

How about you? How will you let God use you today?

Here’s to letting go and trusting Him so He can use every moment and every conversation to lead others to Him.


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