Today, my youngest, Liam, is getting baptized.  I am in awe of his desire at such a young age to profess his faith in Jesus for everyone to see.  I remember when he asked Jesus into his heart.  He was probably five.  I love his innocence.  Then one day he was mad.  I can’t remember why, but we told him that Jesus was in his heart and whenever he lied or did something he shouldn’t it made Jesus sad.  Well, without skipping a beat, he told us that he didn’t want Jesus in his heart anymore….I guess guilt had set in.  This makes me laugh.

Don’t we all do that at times? We don’t want to live with the guilt of sin, so let’s pretend like Jesus isn’t there.  Well, Jesus died for us not to condemn us but to set us free.  So Liam is free to live without guilt and shame.  I may sin, but He is there ready to forgive.

Now that Liam is 9, he sees how much Jesus loves him and wants everyone to know.  Out of obedience he is sharing his faith by being baptized.  And the best part is his dad will be the one to baptize him.  It warms my heart knowing the men in my life love the Lord.  What a precious gift!  Today we will celebrate and hope you will celebrate with us!


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