Getting older

I never thought I would be saying this, but lately I have noticed, with much disappointment, that I now have gray hair.  Thankfully it is not evident to the untrained eye because I have blond hair. Whew!  But nonetheless, it is there, and not just a strand or two, but a whole shock of it right in front!  It reminds me of Madeline Kahn as Elizabeth in Young Frankenstein.  Has my life really been that stressful lately that a shock of gray hair is just magically appeared or has it been slowly emerging because of age?  Oh well….I guess I must embrace it or cover it up with color.  The joy of being a woman and enduring the never-ending cycle of highlighting your hair.

When I was younger I didn’t even think about aging, much less the next day.  But as I near the 40 year mark of my life, I find myself thinking more and more about getting older.  From gray hair to my aching joints, it is becoming painfully clear that the inevitable is happening!  I thought that forty was the new thirty?  If that is case, I think I’d rather have back my twenties.  At least my body was in great shape! 

Since I can’t get back my twenties, I might as well work with what I’ve got!  I have to stop putting off going to the gym or at least our Wii fit!  I have to admit I’m not getting any younger and if I don’t take the time for exercise today, I know I will have to take time for illness later…so who’s with me?  Are you ready to make 2010 the year for getting healthy?  I am and I would start today but I’m a self-professed procrasinator! HA!


2 thoughts on “Getting older”

  1. Awesome… I am impressed , the longer I know you I find you have so many gifts and talents, and you have kept them hidden… Did He not say we are to use them or lose them? or maybe that was someone else. Anyway they are given to you for a real purpose and hiding them and hanging on to them so tightly is not part of the purpose… So, be free… use them.. they are gifts and only if you give them away and let others enjoy and be blessed by them.. Thanks for sharing, you are inspiring me and others.

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