Winding down…

As the end of the evening nears, I am reminded of the joy my children bring me.  Sometimes the best times are when we are just hanging out together just watching a movie.  And in spite of the constant annoying and arguing they tend to dish out, I know they love each other. 

I especially love it when my oldest daughter, who is 17 and my son, who is 9 can play together.  Even though there is an 8 year difference, they can still find fun things to do together.  Tonight they are playing the wii.  The laughter is so uplifting!  As I’m sitting in the dark at my desk in the other room listening to him tease her for kissing a boy, “how can you do that? It’s so gross!”, I have to chuckle to myself.  Is it to soon for him to tease her since it just happened tonight? No way!  Of course, she is protesting that one day he will want to kiss a girl, but for now he doesn’t believe her and I’m okay with that. lol  She is good-natured enough to laugh at herself.

I hope they will always be able to talk and hangout.  Family relationships, though we don’t pick them, they are the ones we know love us in spite of ourselves.  They are the ones who challenge us to become better people…just as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  May they always take time for each other.  May no bitter root ever come between them and may they always be filled with kindness and gratitude for one another.

Until tomorrow….


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