Inspired to be inspired…

Have you ever had a dream to do something but never imagined it would happen, much less on a blog? 

I have always wanted to write, but life set in and I limited myself to daily journaling and nothing more.  It wasn’t until I realized that I was actually battling depression that I picked up my pen to write. Mind you, I have always been a positive person, but I was letting the circumstances of my life get the best of me.  I had allowed my creative thoughts to remain dormant for some time and it was as if I was slowly awakening from a deep sleep, although I still seem a bit groggy. 

Eventually and as I feel more comfortable, I will start posting excerpts from a novel I have begun.  I hope you will feel all the emotions I felt in writing it.

Comments? Please be kind.  We writer’s are always subject to our own ridicule and to have more from others would only be pouring salt into an open wound.  But if you find that you want to be inspired too, then please, post a message.  Maybe we can inspire each other to be better writers.


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